Marilyn Lucey is an artist living in Bath, Maine. She holds a BFA in sculpture, with a minor in drawing, from Maine College of Art. Previous to her fine arts career, she worked as a toy designer for Hasbro and Mattel, and as a freelance children’s book illustrator represented by Bookmakers Inc.

Email  hi@marilynlucey.com

Sculpture has given voice to my visual practice. There are varied perspectives on how to define contemporary sculpture; some may say minimalist three-dimensional works, while others argue for hyper-realistic creations. My own explorations represent the unique human qualities of individual people through cast bronze and plaster works. A friend once said, “People are my palette.” This statement resonates with me, as my subject of choice is the recording of the people and times in which I live.

Since the Renaissance, great female sculptors have worked in these mediums to record their histories. The beauty and magnitude of their figurative work has inspired my career in sculpture. The work I create is but a small representation of their influential legacy. Recently, my practice has expanded to include the two-dimensional plain. As a design artist working in paint, pastel and digital imagery on a flat plain, I question the chasm between art in the round versus art on a surface. The work of Lee Bontecou, a process artist working in canvas, steel, wire and oils, has stimulated my experimentation. My current works include ceramics, woodcraft, fibers, print, video and painting to support the social investigations within each piece.

Art critic Lucy Lippard suggests, “… artists of all kinds might be seen as the keepers of human racial memory – natural archeologists.” Recording our experience of the world around us, artists have the ability to open the door of communication and to stimulate esthetic, personal and political inquiries.